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Perfect Drying Packages

Dehumidifiers  and Air Movers go hand in hand and are a powerful combination to dry out your home or business.  Our dehumidifiers are not disruptive to your daily life. They will run effectively in the back ground, efficiently drying your room.

Using a dehumidifier and air mover is key to drying out your room.  The dehumidifier will draw excess moisture from  the air. It will create an artificially dry environment. The drier the air the quicker your room will dry. An Air Mover offers high velocity airflow which leads to faster drying times


Package A
Dehumidifier + Turbo Dyer

Large Dehumidifier, perfect to be used in domestic and commercial premises. Can be used for removing large amounts of moisture.  No problems leaving it unattended. Turbo Dryer ideal when you need  maximum power and static pressure, great for use in commercial properties.

Large Dehumidifier  Plus-Sign        SaharaHD_Photo


Package B
Dehumidifier + Air Mover

Small dehumidifier, ideal for drying out single room either in homes or commercial properties.  Ideal for those in the plastering and finishing trades. This dehumidifier is easy to move around and is compact + Air Paddle, this is a commercial air mover and is best suited for industrial environments. They are light and very portable.  

Small Dehumidifier       Plus-Sign               206893968

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